Ink on fashionable skin? Not if you work in that high street record shop…

As HMV plummet to new depths of commercial desperation instructing all staff to cover up their tattoos.  A management marketing directive which begs the question ‘Who on earth is going suggest a Stiff Little Fingers album to Nu-skater kids now?”  Not the Sales Assistant with ‘smart’ trousers and shiny shoes I can assure you.

Frankly it is madness that a great many members of staff will be prevented from wearing a short sleeve which may or may not offending a few up-tight, sporadic shoppers.

Customers who regularly buy music legally will now not know where to turn for good customer service, given HMV’s latest attempt to ‘smarten up’ their workers with clone uniforms.

I can just see, in my mind’s eye, the guys who thought this was a wise intervention and I’m sure they have a limited track record on, among other things, style.

Marc Jacobs sporting an inky ‘sleeve’


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