The New Elizabethans – Visit the vintage boutique of your dreams!

Stylish silhouettes starting with mid century moderns ending when that Prince song skipped on a discman

Vintage clothing as a concept is still growing in popularity and that is a good thing. If clothing and accessories are sourced with care and integrity it’s a far better deal for consumers and our planet.  However the picture is not always so rosy.

Step into the heady, exciting atmosphere of a retro clothes supermarket. The music is loud and the customer service is no-existent. Your eyes dart about the hangers: you’re in love.  Your heart beats faster at the sight of a sliver of silk dress and a printed trouser leg poking out of a line of ‘couldn’t care less’.  You excitedly prise them from a jam-packed rail. Your heart sinks: a broken zip and a lap stain from Christmas dinner circa 1969. This shopping nightmare is what some people think all preloved and vintage is about.  This happened to me. This does not have to happen to you.

At Green Brick our gems are what dreams are made of! And that’s as far as the cliches go…

Green Brick staff mission is a ‘couldn’t care more’ approach to stock condition with an eye for the essence of style.  All treasure that makes it way onto our rails is in excellent read-to-wear condition and in season.

We believe you want person garments that are elegant, fun, silly, sensual, strong, bonkers, enviable and never ubiquitous. No matter what your personal dress sense or lifestyle, you’ll love shopping at Green Brick.

We keep a watch on trends and industry blunders (please file: Peplums, Scuba Dresses and Wedge Trainers) to bring the best one-of-a-kind fits from the last century to clever bodies in this one.  Our stock is updated weekly so make a beeline to us!

Green Brick
21 Queens Road

The start of style away from Paris reign...

Liz takes style away from old Paris’s reign…


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