Portrait of a portrait

Style is not an invention of the last fifty or so years.  It’s as long as time and as personal as the times would allow.

Less we forget how radical women must have felt not having a corset? We can only imagine how powerful and joyous to granted a choice of one’s own silhouette.

Today’s fashion experts believe that famous ladies look good, many look marvelous, still it’s maybe easier to do with a bottomless pit of free dresses and idiot-proof  mineral make-up? This is industry driven design not stitches of suburban dreams.

Our sisters from the last century had a little more to contend with. Financial subordination, wars, poverty, social unrest, recessions, child-rearing and much less freedom to define their own sense of self.

In the days of the new look, ‘Model girls’ did their own hair and make-up. In order to make money from their blessed DNA they also had to have a stylist’s grasp of grooming.

Moving onto DIY actions of garment gathering, a one time teenage suburbanite, Patricia Smith crossed the East River to find work in the Big Apple.

With a few treasured thrift store pieces in a plaid suitcase, dreaming of Vali Myers she set off into the city. Maintaining various book shop jobs and teaching herself art, Patricia made firm friends with many like-minded men and women.


Vali Myers – Artist and Revolutionary

Her story continues through all the see-change in 1960s USA and leads into Rock and Roll stardom and international inspiration.  The origins of style are still strong with Patti.

Take a look at ‘Just Kids’ to find out more. Published by Bloomsbury.


Patti Smith – Artist and Rock N’ Roll Star


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