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Vanessa Dalby is a Vintage Collector/Buyer and one half of Green Brick Vintage

Above and beside the seaside!

Above and beside the seaside!

60s Vintage Thermos Tin Lunchbox

Throughout my childhood I remember seeing this box in a kitchen cupboard.  It would come out if I had a bump or graze because my Mum used it as our home First Aid Box! I was quite a clumsy kid, so the dreamy retro drawings certainly transformed my memories of accidents into a routine opportunity to ponder my future career…Actress? Model? Air Hostess? Nurse?  Perhaps it’s not the most progressive collection of jobs for the girls but I think it’s pretty special. Keeping up with family tradition it’s the First Aid Box in my home!

1960s Thermos tin lunch box

1960s Thermos tin lunch box

Concorde Air Hostess?

Concorde Air Hostess?

Actress, Model, both...

Actress, Model, both…

A dutiful Nurse!

A dutiful Nurse!

70s Interior Finds

There’s something so exciting about finding what you really need for your home at a good price, occasionally a thrill when it’s free.  My iron was given to me and it’s perfect as I steam Green Brick stock but occasionally only a flat iron will do! The lamp is from Lewes Flea Market cost £8 and the small draw table from Snoopers Paradise was £70.

Vintage flat iron, Lewes Flea Market lamp and Snoopers Paradise table

Vintage flat iron, Lewes Flea Market lamp and Snoopers Paradise table

Vintage Designer Jackets from Paris

One of the challenges of buying and selling vintage clothing and accessories is overwhelming temptation to keep what you find.  Whilst I magpie for our stock I do see amazing pieces, unsurprisingly, not all gems make it onto the shop floor! That said I’m very strict about what I keep.  Jackets are a safe bet for my ‘cost per wear rule’ three of my faves are Chloé (80s Karl Lagerfeld) Waterfall Cape Wool, Sonia Rykiel (80s) Black Collarless Cinch Waist Asymmetric Button and Paul & Joe (90s) Monochrome Houndstooth Check Wool.

Chloe, Rykiel and Paul & Joe...

Chloe, Rykiel and Paul & Joe…

Back detail!

Back detail!

Chloe label close up...

Chloe label close up…

Green Brick Vintage is available at FAIR, 21 Queens Road Brighton BN1 3XA,  begining Saturday 22st February


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