The power of a makeover…top five vintage transformations!


Gone With The Wind – The Green Dress (1939)

A once wealthy, Irish-American, Scarlett 0’Hara takes control of her destiny in the civil war-torn South. Desperate to keep her home and family alive, she tears down inherited lush green velvet curtains and demands that her Mammy make her a new dress.

Scarlett’s plan is to trade on her display of wealth to borrow big money come hell or high water. After getting caught out and receiving a hellish refusal from smooth-talker Rhett Butler, Scarlett opts for high water by marrying her Sister’s beau.

Scarlet plays the part of a cotton plantation princess for the last time...

Vivienne Leigh: nailed the part of the cotton plantation princess…

Cinderella – The Ball Gown (1950)

Orphaned and trapped in a blended family chateau, Cinderella is a downtrodden domestic goddess with only a fleet of animals for comfort.

When a gang of haute couture mice pull together a hot pink number at the last minute all Cinderella’s hopes and dreams are exceeded. Sadly once the jealous freeloading, step-in-hells get an eyeful of the competition, torment and humiliation begins at three to one.

Luckily a magic lady, who likes her provincial food, arrives to fix Cinders up in a way that in real life, only Oprah could budget for.

Not a fan of shabby chic - Fairy Godmother does her magic...

Not a fan of shabby chic – Fairy Godmother does her magic…

Thoroughly Modern Millie – Monochrome Flapper (1967)

In a bustling 1920s New York, new-girl Millie scores a top job as a secretary and becomes determined to get on/find a husband/fall in love.

Wanting to throw off the shackles of her small town beginnings she dives into the parties, dress boutiques and beauty parlours. Adopting a new walk, new bust-line (flat natch) and with much comedy, Millie swans about town in the latest trends.

The character’s monochrome outfit is stunning on Julie Andrews who is a total fox but still skillfully conveys her character’s endearing cluelessness beneath her ‘New Look’.

Making the scene - Millie joins the ranks of 'bright young things' in 20s NYC

Making the scene – Millie steps into the big apple and big trouble…

Grease – Skin-tight trousers (1978)

As an Antipodean newbie, Sandy arrives in the land of freedom and soon has it callously stolen when she enters Rydell High School.

Big-hearted romantic, Sandy falls for an emotionally immature Danny. Her first love hope is dashed when his lily-livered antics lead her to heartbreak. Being the plucky sort Sandra Dee won’t allow sabotage from jealous girls to get in her way. With NBF Frenchie donating her rock chick wardrobe, Sandy snags the one that she wants in time for graduation.

The stand out performance is from Stockard Channing aka Rizzo. Journeying from nasty girl to a bit nicer via her pregnancy scare trauma.

Too cool for school - just as well they're graduating then...

Too cool for school – just as well they’re graduating then…

Pretty In Pink – School Dance Dress (1986)

Smart, chic and perpetually frustrated Andie is a redhead with her own mind. Sadly her family is from the wrong side of the tracks and she is weighed down by brutish ‘Daddy’s money’ brats at her Chicago High School. Friends to artists, freaks and impossible-to-handle crushes, Andie finds herself drawn to a boy who’s family are rich. They struggle to keep the flames of love alive with so much peer pressure. With a bit of kindness and a bespoke disco dress Andie manages to enjoy her youth at last.

Hand-made punk fashion, an independent-spirited soundtrack and near perfect character development, ensure this John Hughes movie is a timeless classic.


New wave woman. Molly Ringwald subverts traditionally 'girly' pink to make the boys think...

New wave woman. Molly Ringwald subverts traditionally ‘girly’ pink to make the boys think…



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