Brighton Fashion Week … The Brighton Open Market Takeover

This Saturday we visited the pop up event Brighton Fashion Week Fashion Market .  As part of ‘Showcasing Innovation’, the pop up stalls offered a local slice of fashion represented by small businesses, online brands and new designers.

Neon neon - not only a sign but a light source in the dark!

Neon neon – not only a sign but a light source in the dark!

Set in the Historic Open Market’s newly covered square, the space has a small-city laid back festival atmosphere where traditional market traders and start-up creatives appear juxtapose.

Setting up the eclectic mix of wears

Setting up the stalls…an eclectic mix of wears

Out of a vista of neon, costume jewellery and occult/hippie/steam punk frivolities, we discovered two businesses that really stood out as being seriously creative, inventive and relevant to a wider audience.

When is a bicycle not a bicycle? When it's a jewellery stand!

When is a bicycle not a bicycle? When it’s a jewellery stand!

Animalesque is a costume brand specializing in creature headdresses for children. We were immediately struck by the skill and sensitivity in the work of Artist and Founder of Animalesque, Sara Lowes.

Each creature, from fox to badger from fish to swan, has an uncanny attention to detail in printed illustration, naturalistic embellishment, button eyes, real feathers, beading, velvet and silk satin beaks.

The adventure begins in the wearing!

The adventure begins in the wearing!

The ‘Black Swan’ headdress especially impressed us; with its extensive plumage and white button ‘dead eyes’ this design is hauntingly beautiful!

This London-based studio business has begun to take commissions and as Animalesque grows so too will the price of Sara’s work. If you dare to take a walk on the wild side get in touch:

The fox and the hare among others...

The fox and the hare among others…

Rubber Killer is an Eco-Fashion label based in Thailand. Brand Representatives, Nicola and Charlie greeted us warmly and enthusiastically told us all about the products whilst setting up a perfectly merchandised stand.

Style that is good for people and the planet

Style that is good for people and the planet

Each item is effortlessly desirable. Splash-proof notebooks, zipper shade cases, rainproof messenger and tote bags are completely or partially made from reclaimed tyres and inner tube rubber. Their robust designs are composed from cotton canvas and straps are made from repurposed seat belt material.

These contemporary, stylish unisex accessories are commercially successful at home and are ‘big in Japan’ too. We have no doubt they can make a mark here in the UK.

We really wanted to buy up everything at this stall!

“After a long journey it’s back in your hands” Rubber Killer’s moto

Having visited Rubber Killer brand online I can clearly see Joi Wong-Savun’s (Founder of Rubber Killer) inspiration comes from music, vintage automobiles and positive aspects of modern living.

The real excitement surrounding this label is that their products are not only great looking; they have a transparent manufacturing source which appeals to customers who love fashion and the planet.



Words: Vanessa Dalby  @g_brickVintage     Images: Jonothan Shipley @jonothas


Home Comforts…take three rainy bank holiday rescues

V for vintage style: ceramic letter coaster by Tiger

V for vintage style: ceramic letter coaster by Tiger

Mood Lighting: Antique Barley Twist Brass Candle Sticks

Mood Lighting: Antique Brass Barley Twist Candle Sticks

A well timed hand made gift: large yarn crochet squares bedspread

Snug as a bug: hand made large yarn crochet stitched squares bedspread

Gearing Up for #LFW #TheMasters #Selfridges Window Magic

Party pieces from Cavalli inspired by 20s decadence

Party pieces from Cavalli inspired by 1920s decadence

Bewitching glamour on the balcony...

Bewitching glamour on the balcony…

Blonde Hollywood hair...check! Red Backless Gown...check! Huge bejeweled snake on the back...check! Glamour bet!

Blonde ‘Hollywood’ hair…check! Red Backless Gown…check! Huge bejeweled snake on the back…check! Glamour AW14…you bet!

Fashion shot the old fashioned way…

Sadly the 35mm Ilford film went a bit ‘pychedelic’ at the developers and returned in a less than groovy condition…

The good news is we can do it all over again with our Spring inspired stock in the new year…

Come in to store to see all our latest collector’s gems…

Exclusive – Green Brick fashion shoot ‘Winter 2012’

Stella styling by J.P and a quick snap from me

Wardrobe of Dreams – The Collector’s Lot Returns!

Amazing #vintage, #preloved and #designer finds being collected from far and wide for you this week!